Sensory: Nickel Brook – Uber Berliner Weisse

Sensory #4

Here we go again with another sour, this time a Berliner Weisse the first sour that were doing that fits a traditional style. Let’s get on with it shall we.

Nickel Brook – Über – Berliner WeisseMailmaster

3.8% Alcohol by volume in a 750 ml bottle

Being so interested in sours lately I’m buying just about every one that I come across. This was one of those beers and though I have only had one other Berliner Weisse in the past it would seem that I do enjoy this style. The packaging is nice, nothing too crazy but just busy enough to catch the eye with that circular logo above the label.


Pouring a light straw yellow with a large amount of fairly persistent frothy white head. This beer sits in the glass with some nice cloudy haze having a few legs clinging to the side of the glass. Lots of awesome little bubbles flowing up to the head.


First off we have some nice citrus acidity and a little sour apple. That leads us into the malt with some wheat and light doughy bread. Not a lot of hops presents itself aside from some slight floral notes and a little bit of funk from a slight hint of vinegary acetic acid.


A pleasant lemony sour that leads to a light bready maltiness and a slight sweetness. Sour apple notes and a hint of stone fruit that brings us to a little bit of funk and a hint of wheat in the finish. We also get a slight amount of spice with a light biting astringency that coats the front of my palate. Medium to high carbonation and an enjoyable crisp light refreshing body.


All in all I quite enjoyed this beer and though I’ve only had one Berliner Weisse before it’s clean crispness is something that I like. This would be a great beer to take camping as it would taste awesome in the heat and the lower ABV makes it great choice for an all day drinking session around the fire. However you may want to bring some tums if your drinking sours all day. I would definitely recommend this beer though like big west coast IPA’s sour beers are a bit of an acquired taste. 

Till the next pint!

William Walker

May the winds of fortune sail you,
May you sail a gentle sea.
May it always be the other guy
who says, “this drink’s on me.”



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Not great at talking about myself but I'm going to Olds college for their Brewmaster and brewery operations management program and was persuaded to do a blolg. So here I am doing blogs on beer sensory/reviews. I don't much consider myself a writer so I always appreciate some constructive feedback in that I can improve these segments.

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