Sensory: Parallel 49 – Apricotopus

Sensory #1

I intend this to be the first of many sensory blogs that I do and hope to put out about one a week. I would also greatly appreciate some feed back so I can improve this segment.

Parallel 49 – Apricotopus


6.3% Alcohol by volume in a 650ml bottle

The label caught my eye in the store as most parallel 49 products do with their cartoony style art and when I noticed that it was a sour I couldn’t help but purchase it. It is a wheat saison blended with apricots and soured with lactobacillus for that nice little kick.


Pours a hazy yellow with lots of white frothy head that persists for some time. Leaves little amount of lacing that fades quickly. Had quite a few chunks of apricot floating near the bottom of my bottle and glass.


Fairly acidic on the nose with stone fruit (apricot) and some bready maltiness. Not much hop aroma aside from a little bit of citrus and some slight floral notes. Slight notes of sour apple and a little bit of banana from the yeast.


Apricots hit me right off the bat with a light pleasant sourness that gives that nice little bit of puckering astringency. Then I get some nice fruity sweetness followed by a slight bready maltiness. Medium bodied with a bit of creaminess and a smooth finish. The further I get into this beer the more the malt and fruit take over. My mouth becomes accustomed to the sour almost losing it all together which is quite unfortunate in my opinion. The yeast also start to come to the forefront imparting a bit of a spicy character.


This was quite an enjoyable easy drinking beer though personally I would have liked to have a bit more sourness persisting through my entire glass. That being said I think this beer would be a great way to introduce someone into the world of sour beers having them dip in slowly rather than jumping in head first. Though I wouldn’t say this beer is awesome I did enjoy it and would definitely buy it again to sit outside on a nice hot summer day and hopefully it will set off a sour spark in someone driving them to put down that light lager and pick up a good sour.

Till the next pint!

William Walker

“Oh, here’s to other meetings,
And merry greetings then;
And here’s to those we’ve drunk with.
But never can again.”
-Stephen Decatur


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